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Two key aims of CDM2007 are to focus attention on planning and management of a construction project – from initial concept to post occupancy decommissioning and demolition, and, for health and safety to be an integral consideration where it is treated as an essential but normal part of a project’s development and not an afterthought.


Orchestrated by the CDM-C, project teams should work to integrate health and safety into the management and development of their projects with all relevant stakeholders being encouraged to collaborate to improve planning and management from the outset. This collaborative and coordinated approach enables hazards, and their associated risks, to be identified, eliminated, reduced or managed as early as possible.


CDM-C engagement and pragmatic input from the earliest possible opportunity enables design changes to be made with little or no cost attached. Conversely engagement with the CDM-C at later stages still allows for design changes, however, the window for such changes becomes smaller as time progresses with increases in cost usually being attached.



All of the Stonewells IPS CDM Coordinators are Registered Members of the Association for Project Safety (RMaPS). All also hold memberships of a number of other Professional Institutes and Trade Associations such as the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health, the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management, the Institute of Demolition Engineers and the Chartered Institute of Building. We have a national presence and capability, a diverse Client base across both the Public and Private sectors and experience of delivering the CDM Coordinator role on a number of projects across a variety of business sectors.


Communication is key throughout the life of any construction project. To help facilitate this our approach to sees us implement a series of meetings and workshops on a variety of specific areas. For example, we hold Design and Risk Review Workshops on internal and external access for maintenance and replacement which might include roof access, window cleaning, façade access, plant replacement, internal light fittings and ceilings and access to subterranean features such as rainwater harvesting tanks, fire sprinkler system tanks, bunkers and the like. We also look at floor finishes, inclusive design, internal and external way-finding as well as access and egress into and out of the structure.


In terms of liaising with the Principal Contractor, again this is something we encourage from the outset. Principal Contractor Design and Risk Workshops are held in addition to the aforementioned, where items such as build-ability, temporary works, works planning and sequencing and future demolition are all addressed. The workshops are not held in isolation – as part of our coordination role they are open forums which often include the Architect and any number of Designers too, including Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Structural and any relevant specialist Contractor Designers.

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