Our CDM specialists have vast experience helping to manage the process to comply with the CDM Regulations. Our experience is gained across an array of construction projects within both the Public and Private sectors across a variety of business sectors. We pride ourselves in offering solutions tailored to meet the needs of the project, irrespective of how challenging and complex the project may be. We employ a coordinated and cooperative approach to interfacing and integrating with all Design Team members, whether they represent the Client, or the Principal Contractor and / or Trade Contractors, and, we implement a number of processes to manage the communication of risk both up and down stream.


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The key aims of CDM2015 are to focus attention on planning, managing and monitoring design and construction work to help ensure that, so far as is reasonably practicable, works are carried out without risks to health and safety.


Arrangements to identify, eliminate, reduce (where elimination is not possible), control and manage all risks through appropriate mitigations must be drawn up, communicated, implemented and tracked. The ethos of CDM is all about ‘the right information, to the right people, at the right time…’


Arrangements must be in place from concept and detailed design, through into construction, operation, maintenance and within post occupancy decommissioning and demolition too. The management of health and safety (hazards and their associated risks) must be an integral consideration on all construction projects, where it is treated as an essential but normal part of a project’s development and not an afterthought.



The role of the Principal Designer is to plan, manage and monitor the pre-construction phase and to coordinate matters relating to health and safety during the pre-construction phase to ensure that, so far as is reasonably practicable, the project is carried out without risks to health or safety.


As the Principal Designer we facilitate the above by implementing a host of processes which help us engage and integrate with all members of the Design Team – whether they represent the Client or the Principal Contractor. The approach we adopt promotes and provides a coordinated approach supported by measures to enable effective communication flows so that the right information is delivered to the hands of the right people at the right time.


In liaison with all Designers, we take a proactive lead on Design Risk Management, ensuring that the General Principles of Prevention are being applied to designs, and that Designers are complying with their strict liabilities and duties as set out within the CDM Regulations. We utilise a host of processes and proformas to help record, monitor and manage design risks, some of which include Design Risk Registers, Design Gateway Reviews, Design Risk Justification Statements, RAG Lists, specific CDM Risk Workshops and Design Team Meetings.


Stonewells Principal Designers are CDM specialists who have vast experience of the CDM Regulations which has been gained across a range of construction projects spread over a variety of business sectors. We specialise in complex projects which often require highly developed and designed engineering solutions. Examples include the Decommissioning and Demolition of Hard Coal, Oil and Gas Power Stations; Nuclear New Build, and; On-Shore Wind and Solar Farm construction. However, we also have experience of construction projects in such sectors as Transportation (Aviation), Education (Primary, Secondary, Higher and Further), Healthcare (Hospitals and Critical Care Units) and Infrastructure (Rail and Road network), Commercial (Offices) and Retail (Supermarkets and High Street Chains).



Stonewells offer either a standalone CDM-Advisor service or one which is delivered in tandem with, and alongside, our role as Principal Designer.


Our CDM-Advisor service is offered to all Duty Holders within the project set up, or, to individual Duty Holders in isolation.


Our experience of the CDM Regulations, and managing the processes associated with regulatory conformity, enables us to work with Clients, Principal Designers, Designers and Principal Contractors on an individual and combined level. Our knowledge of the subject facilitates us becoming a trusted advisor and go to point of reference as we carve out a template which guides each Duty Holder through the CDM minefield.


We know what good looks like. Accordingly, this allows us to implement best practice techniques and measures to achieve compliance. We offer practical, pragmatic and cost-effective advice on all aspects of the Regulations including the reasonable steps to take to assess Skills, Knowledge and Experience, how to ensure effective two-way communication exists, how to manage interfaces, how to manage the Design Risk Management piece and how to plan, manage and monitor both the Pre-Construction and Construction Phases. Our service delivery is supported by the creation, where necessary, of a suite of CDM procedures, process and proformas, all of which sit within the wider CDM Policy and CDM Strategy – both of which we can also produce.



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