Our Construction Health and Safety specialists provide services to an array of Public and Private sector Clients across a variety of business sectors. We pride ourselves on offering practical, cost effective and pragmatic solutions and advice to our Clients which is able to be implemented without undue and burdensome effects to their business as usual.

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The need to be able to demonstrate competence, both at an individual and corporate level is unescapable.
The ability to validate your health and safety management system, your statistics and your workforce are all key criteria within the procurement strategies of both Public and Private sector Clients.


Accreditation by and membership of a Safety Scheme in Procurement (SSiP) Registered Member Scheme is one way of increasing your chances of securing new tender opportunities and new business. However, the resources required to invest in obtaining these memberships are not insignificant.


Experience tells us that gaining Accreditation of any of the SSiP Registered Member Schemes is a minefield and is hard to secure without the input of a dedicated construction health and safety professional. Stonewells IPS offers a solution to this and will work with you to secure Accreditations of whichever SSiP Registered Member Schemes you wish.


Examples of Registered Member Schemes within the SSiP fourm include CHAS, Exor, SAFEMARK, SMAS, APS and safecontractor.



The monitoring and reporting of health and safety and health and safety compliance is integral to the success of your construction project and to the development of your workforce. Regular Site Inspections are also a requirement of your Health and Safety Management System.



The findings of our unbiased Construction Site Inspections are initially provided to your management, however, we also observe, analyse and produce trend analysis data. In turn this enables your management team to undertake training programmes (among other initiatives) as necessary in order to help mitigate against the trends continuing to occur and rise.



Small and medium sized building contractors face a multitude of challenges when procuring and delivering construction projects.


If you are a small or medium sized building contractor Stonewells IPS will relieve you of some of the strain by acting as your retained Health and Safety Advisor.


While we tailor our service to suit the needs of your business, typically Stonewells IPS will undertake and produce the following;


  • We will produce your bespoke Health and Safety Management System which will encompass your Policy Statement, the Organisation section and the Arrangements section;
  • We will help you draft the health and safety section of your tender response;
  • We will write the Construction Phase Plan for all construction projects you are engaged to deliver;
  • Where you have been appointed to act as Principal Contractor we will help ensure you have prepared and are able to execute the works in accordance with the statutory provisions laid down within the current CDM Regulations;
  • We will carry out full Competency Assessments of your Contractor supply chain;
  • We will produce all site and task specific Risk Assessments, Method Statements and wider Safe System of Work procedures, processes and protocols, and;
  • We will carry out regular Construction Site Inspections of the construction projects you are engaged to deliver.



Scaffolding is classed as Temporary Works. Temporary Works have been defined by the HSE as an ‘engineered solution’ used to;


  • Support or protect an existing structure or the permanent works during construction;
  • Support an item of plant or equipment;
  • Support an excavation, and;
  • Provide access.


In the main scaffolding falls into the category of ‘providing access’, however it is also used to support and protect existing structures and to support plant and equipment. However, in whichever format scaffolding exists, the need for competent people to design, construct, manage and inspect it is critical.


Stonewells IPS possesses the competency to be able to undertake all Statutory Inspections associated with TG20:13 Compliant Scaffolds. We understand that often a conflict of interest exists when the Scaffolding Contractor carries out the various Scaffold Inspections, therefore Stonewells IPS eliminates this conflict by undertaking fully independent TG20:13 Compliant Scaffold Inspections on behalf of the Scaffolding Contractor, the Principal Contractor and/ or the Client.



Unfortunately it is not always possible to avoid accidents and incidents within the construction industry. While statistics for accidents and incidents have improved – despite the rise in the implementation of behavioural safety programmes – accidents, incidents, injuries and ill health do still occur.


Reaction is key: It is paramount Contractors and Clients are able to ascertain as quickly as possible why and how failings have occurred and what corrective action is required in order to mitigate the event being repeated. It is therefore important this reaction and investigation process is built into your Health and Safety Management System. A documented Accident and Incident Investigation Procedure also helps demonstrate a commitment to reducing the number of accidents as well as displaying a positive approach to health and safety and helping to shape your health and safety culture.


Stonewells IPS has a number of experienced and competent Accident Investigators who, within 24 hours will commence their investigation and, within 2 days of completing it will produce their findings and recommendations in a comprehensive Report. This Report will include all relevant information, whether in the form of Injured Party (IP) statements, witness statements, photographs and conclusions.



UK health and safety legislation requires that employers must have a trained workforce. Training must be an integral component within your Health and Safety Management System and to the ongoing commitment of the development of the knowledge and skills set of your workforce. The need to be able to demonstrate competence is greater now than it ever has been, and, while many factors contribute to competence, training is an essential aspect.


Stonewells IPS deliver a range of in house construction health and safety Awareness Courses devised from hot spot areas across the industry. Listed below are examples of typical Awareness Courses we deliver, however, we will write and deliver a bespoke Awareness Course for your tailored to suit the needs of your business, your workforce, the typical tasks they perform and hazards and risks this exposes them too.


For optimal learning, attendance is limited to 10 persons per training session.


Typical Awareness Courses we deliver include:


  • CDM
  • Asbestos
  • Legionella
  • Manual Handling
  • Lead at Work
  • Demolition
  • Work at Height
  • Hot Working
  • Fire Safety


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