Our Project, Programme and Cost experts provide services to an array of Public and Private sector Clients across a variety of business sectors. Our services are built around reducing Client risk, adding tangible value and assuring project outcomes are attained within the parameters identified inside the project brief.

We tailor our services to suit the needs of our Clients and their businesses always adopting a project wide collaborative approach to delivery.

Construction Project Manager London



Construction projects are unique. Therefore the approach to construction project management has to be unique. All construction projects have different rationales, required outputs and stakeholders. Therefore the approach to managing and delivering construction project has to be bespoke, tailored yet adaptable. One size fits all does not fit.



Our dedicated, systematic and circular approach to construction project management allows us to control the constraints associated with cost, quality, risk and safety as well as align expected project benefits and results to business goals and measure them post completion too. Our collaborative methodology helps ensure the programmed critical path is met and that project team tasks are delivered in order to achieve this thereby reducing risk of overall failure which in turn facilitates project benefit realisation.



Construction Programme Management is the integrated and coordinated management and delivery of a series of related or unrelated construction projects all of which share common goals and objectives. Construction programme management occurs when multiple capital works projects, all of which are inter-related, are undertaken concurrently but not necessarily on one construction site.



Construction programme management is essentially about information flow. The construction programme manager has a birds-eye view of the real time status of all projects within their programme and they use the benefit of this view to support delivery on the ground. In turn this helps ensure project specific goals and objectives are met. The construction programme manager must control all cross-project interfaces relating to risk, design, procurement and final construction through regular liaison and communication with the individual construction project managers.


Stonewells construction programme managers have experience in managing and delivering a range of construction programmes across a number of sectors. We implement project control mechanisms, set up and manage the programme management office and advise on purchaser and supplier aspects throughout the process too.




Construction clients employ dedicated developers, design and construction teams (the project team) to deliver their construction solutions. The project monitoring function differs from these parties in that they seek to protect the client through on going monitoring of the project team. Typically project monitoring will monitor performance and advise on risks. The project monitoring function is an early warning alarm process: Proactive anticipation and identification of potential issues and risks which could influence delivery enables quicker and more considered decision making by the client. In all instances the project monitoring function should be undertaken by an independent body divorced from client and project team.


Project monitoring is delivered on behalf of a number of client types. Examples of client types include funding institutions, banks, tenants, purchasers and private finance initiative funders and/ or end users.



There is no one definition of construction cost management: Construction cost management comprises a number of services which are employed at various stages of a construction project to help manage and control costs and budgets as well as ensuring adherence to the cost plan.



Construction cost management is an integral component of integrated design and project teams. Poor cost planning is likely to lead to initial budgets being exceeded due to an underestimation of required costs to achieve desired outcomes.


Stonewells cost managers work alongside our clients at every stage of the construction project defining intended aims and objectives from the outset. As part of the integrated team our cost managers ensure the proposed design aligns to your budget. This process ensures the correct decisions are made at the correct time and are done so according to the agenda we jointly agree and set.


Our cost managers implement robust procedures to help manage change and risk – two aspects which if left unattended can very quickly increase cost. Furthermore, we help determine the best procurement strategy and advise on the selection of the most appropriate consultant supply chain, both of which enable clients and project teams to overcome the various challenges imposed on construction projects which manifest themselves through time, cost, quality, safety, benefits and risk.


By controlling costs we minimise risks. The result of this is that our clients can be more confident their construction projects will succeed and deliver their intended benefits and a return on their investment.


Stonewells construction cost management services include:


  • Cost Planning and Modelling
  • Benchmarking
  • Value and Risk Analysis
  • Life Cycle Costing
  • Procurement
  • Contract Administration
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Cost Auditing
  • Performance Management, and
  • Post Contract Review

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